Leary Gates, Venture Coach and Founder of Strategic CEO

Leary Gates is a Venture Coach and Founder of Strategic CEO. For over two decades he has advised business leaders of Fortune 100 and start-ups alike on corporate and market development strategies.

I write the weekly Strategic Lattes to help business leaders like you rise above the day-to-day urgencies and reflect strategically about their business.

Because you’re busy, I keep them very brief. It’s just a question with enough background to stimulate your thinking in an area of your business that might otherwise lack attention. If you could use a reflective reminder, I invite you to check out my weekly Lattes. You’ll get them delivered to your inbox every Tuesday morning.

Quick, solid business perspectives. The Strategic Latte emails brings to my attention things in my business I might otherwise neglect.

Jason Polzin, Managing Partner, Polzin Glass

The content is simple, yet exactly what I should be reflecting on. It’s a great weekly reminder to do just that!

Mark Christie, CEO, Innovia Consulting

Leary’s Strategic CEO challenges me to become a better leader and a better CEO with every touchpoint. Whether it’s a conversation with him or his Strategic Latte emails, I always walk away inspired to improve and with tangible ideas about how to do so.

Darin Lynch, Founder & CEO, Irish Titan

It taught me to think smarter and more strategic about how I invest my time.

Joseph Riccomini, LiveWatch Security

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