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The Strategic Margin Workshop is for business leaders aspiring to lead more creatively—more strategically. They’ve grown frustrated by the relentless demands of their business and know it costs them; personally and professionally.

In one day, you’ll learn some powerful tools that will help you reclaim the creative and strategic leadership you desire for your business and your life.

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“It’s like taking all the productivity books off your shelf and squeezing them into your own personal action plan.”

“The Strategic Margin Workshop is like taking all the productivity books off your shelf and squeezing them into your own personal action plan. The ‘Margineering’ tool helped me clearly identify the behavior changes I can make to get more margin. That alone was worth the price of admission.” — Michael Kithcart, iHeartMedia

Who should attend

  • CEOs of small & middle market firms

  • Leaders of divisions or large workgroups

  • Aspiring leaders desiring to lead creatively

  • Solopreneurs selling & executing their business

  • Any leader with the symptoms of reactive leadership

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from your creative best?

What's KEEPING you

Symptoms of Reactive Leadership

One day that will transform the way you lead.

Go from reactive fire-fighting to creative and intentional strategic leadership. Learn how to deploy the five elements of strategic power to change the way you lead your business.

“Never confuse motion with action.” — Benjamin Franklin

This workshop will give you tools to tap into the capability you already possess to gain strategic margin. This is not hyped-up pablum about four-hour work weeks nor is it mystical practices for holistic living. Instead, you’ll receive practical—use it today—know-how based on cognitive science to unleash your creative best for your business and for your personal life.

StrategicPower_300x280You’ll discover how the five elements of strategic power (willpower, delegative power, reciprocity, creative power and structural power) can improve how you think about your business. You’ll work through practical exercises—including how to create space to add new projects without sacrificing your most vital commitments—that you can apply right now.

Following these principles may not make you less busy, but they will help you think more strategically, creatively and less reactively.

What you'll learn

  • Why merely offloading tasks doesn’t create sustainable strategic margin

  • How your proficiency may actually hinder creative and strategic thinking

  • The triggers that most often keep you in reactive, fire-fighting mode

  • Five practices that will enlarge your capacity for strategic and creative thought

  • How to create your unique personal action plan to increase your strategic margin

Get strategic.

The Strategic Margin Workshop will be held at the beautiful Minnesota Valley Country Club in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Minnesota Valley Country Club

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Enjoy our unique time back guarantee.

We’ll make you this guarantee. If you follow the steps of this program, within six months you’ll experience a return on your strategic thinking at least as great as the time you’ve invested in this workshop. Of course, if you are not completely satisfied, then just tell us and we’ll gladly refund your money too.