The Strategic Masters Program is a personalized game plan to strengthen your strategic leadership and to design the future of your business.

You’ll be part of a cohort of 6 executives sharpening each other around 12 strategic themes—each immediately applicable to growing yourself as a leader, finding new growth opportunities for your business, and sharpening your strategic acumen.

“Effective executives do not make a great many decisions. They concentrate on the important ones.”

—Peter Drucker

Designed for

  • CEOs of small & middle market firms

  • Leaders of divisions or large workgroups

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs

What you'll learn

  • New ways to reinvent how you work to gain more control over your business

  • How to move from responsive problem-solving to create the growth outcomes you desire for your business

  • How to make better decisions by recognizing the decision traps that could paralyze you or lead your business off-course

The Strategic Masters Program did something for me that I never thought possible – it helped me get back my creative time. This isn’t some lame time management approach, the Strategic Masters Program helped me strip away daily clutter and focus on what I do best. More importantly, Leary Gates helped me develop ways to directly have more positive impact on our business.

Ron Noden, EVP, EleVia Software

The Game Plan

  • Streamlined for busy execs
  • Three stages
  • Four-month, pay-as-you-go terms
  • Cohort limited to six executives
  • Each module includes:

    • Strategic theme content, exploratory exercises, and templates to sharpen your thinking.

    • A weekly quick-tip email with a practical suggestion to gain more productivity.

    • Monthly one-hour private coaching with Leary Gates to integrate theme material into your work.

    • One 2-hour facilitated face-to-face group meeting each month with your Strategic Master Program cohorts to interact on the practical application of the strategic themes to your business. (Meetings are in-person at the Strategic CEO offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota).

Strategic Masters Roadmap

In a fast-paced company like ours, it’s important to create space for critical thinking. This program brought me a disciplined approach to creating ideas, designing strategy, and making the best decisions for my business. It helped me get clarity in my business and where we needed to be going. It’s a must for any leader wanting to create innovation with traction.

Michael Palumbo, Managing Partner, Great Waters Financial

Strategic Masters

$1950per Stage
  • (or $550 per month)

Strategic Masters Plus

$2750per Stage
  • (or $750 per month)

Strategy cohorts forming now.

The best way to discover if a Strategic Masters cohort group is right for you is with a conversation.

Yes, I’d Like to Learn More

This program really expanded my thinking. It opened up so much strategy and really transformed my business. As a result, we’ve seen profits go up, people enjoying their jobs more, and we’ve brought more people into the company. The Strategic Masters Program was a breakthrough in helping me move from a business that I wasn’t satisfied with to one that is now very rewarding.

Ray Snesrud, CEO, Water Heaters Now

This program was extremely enlightening. I learned a lot about how to think about my business strategically. That’s not something you’re often taught in college or even as a leader.

We have been implementing EOS Traction in my business for the past 10 years and this is an excellent complement to that process. The tools I learned in the Strategic Masters Program have equipped me to get much clearer on my business strategy. I recommend it 100%.

Heide Olson, CEO, All In One Accounting

The Strategic Masters Program has caused me to rethink what is urgent and important. Admittedly, I’ve let tactical items play too large a role in where I invest my time. Lumina’s curriculum has revealed essential yet practical ways to regain control of my schedule. Most importantly, it reintroduced me to the value of strategic planning not only for my company but for my personal development as well. Anyone charged with leading an organization will gain tremendous insight. An unexpected bonus is the very insightful perspectives other executives share.

Jim Falkanger, CEO, Central Consulting Group